What are the best headphones brand?

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  • Stax, Audeze, Sennheiser, Hifiman, Are some of my favorites.  But understand there are specific models that are more desireable and all these brands require a high end amplifier to get the best sound from them.  All these manufactures offer designated amplifiers for their headphones but there are even better sounding options available made by independent high end audio headphone amplifier designers.  Most of these costing many thousand of dollars.  So you can easily spend from 5 to 10’s of thousand of dollars on a state of the art headphone setup.  Sennheiser has a 50 thousand dollar set of headphones and dedicated amplifier that I’ve heard that sound excellent.  

    Most people are not familiar with the higher and brands of audio, they are only available through independent high end audio stores.

  • Sennheiser High end quality, mass-market prices

    JBL. Another all-around solid choice

    Sony. High-end feel, high-end price.

  • Sennheiser hands down

  • if find sennheiser are value for money , or sony and yamaha  and bose . been using the sennheiser brand for 40 years now and am happy .

  • In the acceptable price ranges i believe Sennheiser is the best overall brand. I have been using them for 30  years and never been disappointed. From the HD 650’s higher end to the HD 558’s, the most comfortable headphones i’ve ever had .

    Their earbuds are great too although a bit overpriced.

  • It doesn’t matter. My 8 dollar bluetooth earbuds with charging case that I got off aliexpress sound 99% as good as headphones that cost 200 dollars.

  • There is no “best” brand of headphones.    


  • BOSE,

    They are the king of audio engineering

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