What are the best numbers on a Roulette table, with best winning odds?

basically, myself and my friends are going to the casino for the first time in ages, and even though we will probably lose money, we want to put up a valiant effort. 🙂 . So if anyone out there is a pro, with some good numbers or tips? besides staying on the outter non-number betting zones like black or red?

Though if not, any advice is good 🙂

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  • Roulette is a casino game with a house advantage of about 25%, meaning they take $25 out of every $100 wagered pretty much guaranteed. Other games have better odds, or more specifically a lower house advantage. Specifically, blackjack, when played by a standard system against common house rules and a 6 deck shoe, will only be a 2% house advantage.

    Whatever game, the key is to walk away from a table when you are up in winnings. Don’t be greedy. Don’t go broke chasing a win. Don’t bet with money you wouldn’t otherwise be spending on entertainment. (Not the rent.). Always leave the table when you have won a fair amount, and pick another table later to try some more. Keep your winnings separate from your gambling money, and think twice about dipping into them.

    Back to roulette, because you will want to try it. Each number has a 1 in 38 chance of hitting, and usually pays 35 to 1 if you hit. You see the house edge already – it is built so that if you play all 38 spots, you will hit one, but still loose money overall. ($3). There are 1-36 and 0 and 00. Each has an equal 1 in 38 chance. The bets on red or black are not 50/50, because 0 and 00 are green. Columns and groups don’t cover each other for payout either. Roulette is just a game of luck, strictly, and therefore cannot have a play strategy. (Other than playing consistently and walking away when you are up – like any game.)

    However, there is something that many people who work for casinos don’t even know. If you analyze the amount of even red, odd red, black even, and black odd numbers, they will not fall equally divided amongst 36 numbers of the 38 spots. Different tables and felts may have different layouts, so I can’t tell you what you will see, hut look out for it. Play the outside, both a colored and an odd/even bet. Play it consistently on the red/black odd/even combo that the table has a higher count of. Remember, 0 and 00 still ruin your day. This system doesn’t make roulette a winning game, it just lowers the house advantage as much as possible for your play.

    More on house advantage…

    Avoid slots. Avoid Keno. Avoid side bets and extra dollar antes for jackpots. Avoid all things but the pass/don’t pass line on craps, and always double your odds on craps. Avoid poker tables that you play a game against a dealer, such as Let It Ride, if the table has many players sitting at it. Go for blackjack tables that have full seating. If playing blackjack, use the system…just look up blackjack in wikipedia…even print a chart and take it with you. They let you use it. Also, the Idiots Guide to Casino Gambling is a very helpful book for beginners for all games.

  • Holy crap. What a bunch of rubbish so far! I won’t get into it all, but I’ll just point out the most important flaw in 2 of the answers.

    The House Advantage of roulette is 5.26%. (25%?!? Come on, man!)

    Here is the key – the house advantage is 5.26% on virtually EVERY BET you can make on roulette! (There is only ONE exception called the “Breadbasket” bet. That bet is little bit WORSE. Look it up on Google if you want to know more.) In other words, it does NOT matter what you bet on! You can bet inside numbers, outside bets like Red/Black, or any combination of bets. Mix-em, match-em, change the sizes of your bets…it makes NO DIFFERENCE. “Good numbers”? No such thing on the roulette wheel, I promise you. Pick a lucky number, and just hope it’s lucky on the day you go.

    Any tips? Absolutely. There is only ONE sane reason to go to a casino – to HAVE FUN! So that’s what you do. Go and have fun! I think roulette is a great choice for folks going to have fun. Play the MINIMUM bet on Red or Black, (it doesn’t matter which you choose – ever!), then order up some free drinks, chit chat with the other gamblers, take your time, cheer for each other, and HAVE FUN! If you want to play the inside numbers, then go for that. Still stick with the minimum bet. If the minimum is $10, take 10 one-dollar chips and spread them onto 10 different numbers. You’ll win a little better than 1 out of 4 tries. That’s ON AVERAGE! You might win 2 or 3 times in a row sometimes, then other times you might lose 10 times in a row, or 15 times in a row, or 20 or more losses in a row! Don’t EVER chase your losses and think, “It’s GOT to hit THIS time!” No, it doesn’t. If your numbers haven’t come in after 20 spins, they still have EXACTLY the same chance to come in and not come in on the next spin – no more, and no less.

    If it’s your lucky day, then it’s your lucky day. Sometimes you WILL win when going to the casino. You just MUST accept that you’ll lose more often than you’ll win. You’ll never have to worry about any gambling problem as long as you realize that gambling is for entertainment only. If you EVER get the notion that you can MAKE money by going to casinos, then you are in trouble.

  • The odds are always straight-up with roulette unless you get lucky enough to figure out an imperfection in the table you’re playing. To figure that out, it would cost you a lot of time and money, so basically not worth bothering. Also, before you would even attempt that, you would have to realize that there’s only a slim chance that you’d figure it out, given you can memorize number after number and organize them in your head.

    In my opinion, you can put up the best fight in Craps. Using probability, edge, and odds in your favor, you can get close to a fair (50/50) fight. Though this way has a higher potential to make a profit, it tends to ruin the fun aspect of gambling. You have to play small bets that very slowly rise if needed, and return back to their low state, as well as not going off and playing something “just for the fun of it”. Every bet would count, and it takes a while to make a profit. Being about 48% chance, you would have to use probability to put yourself in the profit area, which causes your balance to rise and fall constantly.

  • After 37 spins that’s enought spins for every number to come out once.

    You will find about 8 numbers will come out twice or more.

    You are best to pick 1 number and stay with it for the whole 37 spins.

    Your number has 4 options that can happen, depending on which spin it wins on


    1: It comes out once. You win max 35 dollars

    2: It comes out twice You win max 70 dollars

    3: It comes out three times. You win max 105 dollars

    4: It never comes out, You lose max 37 dollars

    Then start again how many lots of 37 spins can you play in one night.

    Have fun

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