what are the characteristics of Norwegian people.?

Such as eye color, hair color, skin tone, and anything else you know. The reason i want to know is because i have recentley found out that i have some Norwegian in me and i want to know what characteristics i have.

Thank You.

11 Answers

  • Generally tall by comparison to other groups, fair skinned, with a higher proportion having light colored eyes (e.g. blue) and blonde hair. Norwegians are drawn largely from Nordic stock, and are descendants of Vikings. But that does not mean that each and ever Norwegian is tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. There is variety within a group also. But if you are asking what trends there are, then yeah, tall, fair skinned, light features.

  • Many Norwegian people have light features (hair, skin), but many don't. Norway is composed of many ethnic groups, including immigrants from Pakistan (who are now as Norwegian as anyone!). And don't forget the 'original' Norwegians, the Sami people.

    "and i want to know what characteristics i have." -- > And I guess if you are asking about your own characteristics, the mirror would help more than Yahoo! Answers, don't you think.

    Oh, yes, Norwegians speak Norwegian (a particular regional dialect of Norwegian, to be specific.)

  • properly i ought to assist you to be attentive to that my husband is norwegian, he's tall (a million.88m) yet his brother is basically a million.70m. he's white because of the fact the snow and blonde and blue eyes (His brother has dark hair and eco-friendly eyes). His mom become with dark hair (dark eyes), his father become blonde and blue eyes , his sister in regulation (additionally norwegian) is blonde and dark eyes. His best chum has pitch dark hair and eco-friendly eyes.... So i assume norwegians are the comparable as the different cultures, you won't be able to define precisely if norwegians are all blonde and with blue or eco-friendly eyes, in the event that they are tall or short. Cheers!

  • Norwegian people tend to be very fair, with light skin, hair, and eyes. They also tend towards being quite tall. Exceptions exist, of course.

  • Norwegians look like scandinavian people (people from Norway, Sweden and Denmark)

    They have blue/green eyes, blonde/dark blonde hair, and light skin..


    She's norwegian.

  • Tall, fair skinned, blue eyes, blonde hair.

  • I don't have norwegian blood but the half brother and sister of my dad is half norwegian. I wouldn't call their hair blond because its very very white hair. they tend to have weak jaw ( no chin).

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  • We Norwegians are very cynical people, and fake among others. I know, because I live in this ****.

  • Black tresses blonde is okay but it's merely most blonde haired girls are truly idk a wannabe their just annoying but I'm just saying SOME dirty blonde hair not all cuz there are actually nice ones too.

  • tall, pale, blue eyes, blonde

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