What are the differences between Neva Masquerade and Ragdoll cats ?

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  • Neva Masquerade is a Siberian cat that was selectively bred for its “looks.” The Neva has a very uncomplicated Siberian cat lineage. The Ragdoll’s lineage is a lot more complicated and has never been completely verified. But there are several accounts of how this breed came to be.

    In one story, (1960) Ann Baker claims that while borrowing cats for her Black Persian breeding program, she noticed a handsome male cat. This striking cat “looked like” a male Birman. And he was the son of a female white Turkish Angora* cat named Josephine. Ann would use this male, named Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks, to produce litters that shared his impressive features. She also used his brother, Blackie, who helped diversify the gene pool while still maintaining the desired features.

    Other stories dig a little deeper into the story of Josephine. As the story goes, the Angora was a rescue that Ann owned that was hit by a car. Supposedly, this accident left Josephine immune to pain, resulting in her floppy, relaxed demeanor. This is part of the legend of how Ragdolls get their name. They are known for going limp like a rag doll when held.

    In short, Neva are “Siberian” cats and Ragdolls are a separate breed crossed from (probably) a “Persian” and “Angora.” Both are known for their color point coat and blue eyes. 

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  • They’re different breeds like a golden or a beagle with dogs 

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