What are the easiest social science courses?

I need to choose 4 social science courses for college. Can you please tell me the top 4 easiest ones in your opinion and experience. Thank you. I already took psychology. Also, I would prefer a class that does not involve a lot of writing.

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  • The U?! I’m going there this fall too!

    Hmm anyway, good choice on taking psych, that was simple ahaha.

    I’m kinda in the same boat, I have a friend who really enjoyed criminal justice and another who found sociology pretty easy.

    Looking at our course offerings, the anthropology courses look easy too.

    It’s like that guy said, whatever interests you would be best. Just go to MyUM, click student, academic, then course offerings and just check out the descriptions. I’m sure you’ll find something.

  • Easy Social Science Courses

  • Social sciences in general require more memorization which is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Meanwhile, physical sciences often involve concepts very difficult to master and intuit, again the stuff of nightmares for many people. I am a successful phycisist, but I could NEVER be a good biologist or psychologist. I’ve seen the thick thousand page paperbacks and would rather take my own wisdom teeth out without anestaesia than slog through THAT. BTW, I have close friends in psychology and there is a LOT of gunk in psychology that seriously needs to be taken care of. You guys really need to go back to being a real SCIENCE!

  • The ones you enjoy are the easiest. If you are attending college, get ready to write quite a bit.

    Anyway, some of my favorites are:



    Economics (this may or may not be social science where you attend) – this is more math than writing.

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  • Why don’t you check out their schedule and see what’s offered. If you are in college then unfortunately writing is a big big BIG part of it.

  • criminal justice 101, or the intro. believe me its fun and lots of lagging.

    Source(s): i took it and loved it
  • sociology and psychology

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