What are the English terms for “singaw” and “kalabit”?

Thanks for your answers everyone (including the joker who thumbed down almost every answer). Anyway, it seems that their are mixed points worth considering so I'll extend this question and then open it up for voting.

SINGAW-singaw has multiple meanings. the common Tag/Eng dictionary will give you "vapor" such as in a radiator hose "leak". the common connotation, however, is a canker sore or mouth ulcer. best way to check on it is to image-search canker sore or mouth ulcer on the net. that will also show that "thrush", although a common lesion in the mouth is also something different (i don't know how they call it in Tagalog though, probably singaw too). lastly, it is sometimes also used as a derogatory remark for someone with unknown origins. this wasn't here although some other derogatory remarks were. KALABIT-there may not be an exact english translation for "kalabit". it may be something between a tap ("tapik") and a poke or prod, done with a swinging of a finger on another's skin.

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  • i think lushbabe is right, peste is crazy did you see his answer it's all insult and it doesn't pertain to the question. all he wants is attention.


    l edit my answer because lushbabe has the rigt answer.

  • I don't think anybody has given the correct answer yet. Singaw isn't a chancre or sore, it's THRUSH. Singaw is a common lesion in the mouth that is caused by fungal infection, candida albicans. Chancre is usually a term for genital lesions caused by syphillis while sores are used to denote lesions of herpetic origin. Chancres and "sores" aren't common among Filipinos, except for prostitues I guess.

    Kalabit is literally poking, using a finger or 2, but intentionally like patting, which uses 3 or more fingers. Usually done to get attention.

  • I've known singaw to be called as canker sore but I have never heard of kalabit..

    oh by the way, I am here to edit my answer. I thought you were refering to kalabit as a disease.

    Well, kalabit in English is to PROD. According to Encarta's dictionary, to PROD is to poke somebody or something with a finger, elbow, or a pointed object.

  • Kalabit Video

  • Singaw = canker or mouth sores

    Kalabit = let me think of it. I'll come back later when I get it.

  • singaw - mouth sore

    kalabit - tap on the shoulder (to get attention)

  • singaw - cold sore

    kalabit - poke (not as in "eye poke" more like a pat to get attention)

  • Mabuhay! Singaw is a mouth sore & kalabit is tapping of one's shoulder to get that person's attention.

    --- To uncivilized people who are answering inappropriate answers. Shame on you. ♥♥♥

  • It may not sound right.. but kalabit Is "trigger"

  • singaw.. it can be "vapor" or "mouth sores".. its like a word with multiple meaning

    kalabit.. it can be "tap"

  • singaw - windburn

    kalabit - tap

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