what are the longest songs on jukebox (touchtunes) and how long are they? :)?

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  • I am a bartender and we have the touchtunes where I work. There are a few songs by The Doors that are done live that last about 15-16 minutes! “The End” is one of them, but you have to make sure it is a live song because they are much longer.

  • Longest Song On Touchtunes

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    Definitely both. It really depends on the tune itself and often mistakes are made in both directions. A lot of the time bands try to stretch 3 minutes into 6 or sell a 6 minute idea short by only giving it 3 to play out. (6 and 3 because it’s easy and common but if a song deserves 12 minutes (or even 25-30 for stuff like Godspeed You Black Emperor) of my time than that is awesome too). *********** Yeah Blank Generation, great tune.

  • The grateful dead have some long ones like dark star and terrapin station. Also echoes by pink Floyd. Inna gadda da Vida by iron butterfly…. those will be sure to upset the rednecks that wanna hear about crickets and fishing and tailgates for sure. Oh and batches brew by miles Davis can only marginally be considered music and lasts awhile.

  • I work at touchtunes and the longest song we have as of now is 59 minutes 23 seconds.

    It’s Melvins’ first song of the album Colossus Of Destiny.

    Ironically song’s name is untitled.

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