what are the prepostitional phrases in each sentence?

1. From 6 A.M. until 10 A.M., Angel works out.

2. Local buses for Newark leave every hour.

3. Three of my friends take singing lessons.

4. That man between ralph and cynthia is the famous actor Hank the Hunk.

5. Near the door, a pile of laundry sits in a basket.

6. Toward evening, the houses across the river disappear in the thick fog.

7. Before class, Helena and I meet for coffee.

8. In one corner of the lab, breakers of colored liquid bubbled and boiled.

3 Answers

  • 1. From 6 A.M. until 10 A.M.

    2. for Newark

    3. of my friends

    4. between ralph and cynthia

    5. Near the door...of laundry...in a basket.

    6. Toward evening...across the river...in the thick fog.

    7. Before class...for coffee.

    8. In one corner of the lab...of colored liquid

  • a million. i choose a minimum of five sentences with prepositional words. 2. it is for college. 3. There are prepositional words all around us. 4. A prepositional word has a preposition on the front. 5. look up prepositions interior the index of your textbook.

  • If you are still confused go to the link below for more detailed info.

    Prepositional Phrases

    In a sentence prepositions show the relation of one word to another word. Prepositions require an object to complete them, typically a noun or a pronoun. A preposition and its object is called a prepositional phrase.


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