What are the pros and cons of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC?

My friend was recently initiated into the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC (Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis). I was given their manifesto and booklet- “The Mastery of Life.” by my friend. I am interested in joining this society as well.

There is some information online [most of it is positive]. I have read a lot of the information on their website, wikipedia, and their booklets. I am curious as to the opinions of people who have left the Order- why did you leave? Any cons? Etc.

I’m not looking for cut/paste answers by the way :). I want thought out opinions. People who are currently a part of the order, can I have your opinions as well? I’ve heard some stories of how it has benefited the lives of the members, interested in yours as well. My friend is very happy since joining AMORC. If asked he will not deny membership to the Order, but keeps the teachings secret.

I myself am an agnostic. I am looking for the pros and cons regarding this order from current members/former members.

The only reason I kindly ask for no cut/paste information is that I have already read the history of the Rosicrucian, and I am currently looking for opinions regarding AMORC (Anicent & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis) =]

The manifesto clearly states that many individuals, even Agnostic, make up their ranks.

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  • Congratulations for considering taking this very important first step–one that means more than much, if not all, you would learn through your lessons. I am not a member of AMORC (there are many paths up the mountain), but will say that your taking the initiative to learn more, an expression of the universal will to progress that comes from within you, is your true initiation–when you take it–howsoever it otherwise expresses in your life. You would learn much from your lessons (and from group work, should you choose to participate) but much of your lesson material is available publicly anyway, if not in the same form–which should be intelligently constructed.

    Much more importantly, you would have taken personal responsibility for the happy discipline of regular work on your spiritual growth. All your lessons would point to opening the door within yourself (which seems at first to be an infinite number of doors) to higher knowledge. You have always been on the Path–now you know it, and have already begun your further evolution from your natural state to that which may be attained only through art.

    Sub umbra alarum tuarum,

    In L.V.X.,


  • Rosicrucian Order Amorc

  • So, you’re an agnostic. Well, the ultimate reality is you and you don’t have to be unknown to yourself. That is where Rosicrucian Order, AMORC comes into play. This Order steers your consciousness upward toward the knowledge of Self. “Know ThySelf and thou shalt know the Universe and the

    Gods.” Knowing what a thing is and how it works, makes it easier to control and use as you will. I’m a member of the Order. I enjoy the home study course that lovingly guides one along through an ocean of esoteric information and exercises. I believe the people in the Order are alot better than they would be if they were not Rosicrucians, that is just the nature of being enlightened and you can find them in meeting groups just about everywhere in the USA and quite a few places in the World. The administration of Rosicrucian Order, AMORC is professional, sharp and on the cutting edge of new technology to bring ancient wisdom and understanding to seekers old and new. The body of information at the Order is living, it grows, so in the Order you’re not pulled back into the 17th century as some other groups would have you to be, wrapped in dogma. In Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, the bottom line is always that you can take it or leave it as your intellect dictates. Do your homework, initiate yourself into the information and you decide, not the Order. I’ve experienced many pros and absolutely no cons as a result of my membership in Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. I personally can’t see how a seeker of light could stumble into the lineup presented in the booklet ‘The Mastery of Life’ and still have cold feet about getting in except he or she be sufferring from some form of superstitious fear. When I first saw that lineup years ago, I done a swan dive just hoping that they would be gracious enough to accept my application.

  • The bottom line: If you have never been a member you basically don’t really know what is going on. So go join, spend a year and come back and comment thus giving a real review. I have been a member for over 6 years and can attest that the organization is not perfect but far from any threat. It’s dirt cheap($15) a month, 70% of the members never set foot in a lodge. They teach based on their archives, history and techniques.(Not yours!) This knowledge can be found in other places but who wants to go through all that work. Comprehensive study lessons and degrees like the Masons. It’s a world wide fraternity, that’s interesting and with pretty damn good intentions. So get the facts before you open your mouth. Everyone is an expert that has never been or done anything. Step out of your comfort zone and go get the answers yourself and then you can speak the truth.

  • Google books is a great resource, they have many rosicrucian teachings and journals that have been digitized. Read some of those first to get an idea if you will be interested in the topics they discuss. Some of the material can be heavy at first so take your time. I first found the order because I was always interested in ancient Egyptology.

  • The AMORC Grand Lodge for the English language in the Americas, is located in San Jose, California. If you want to become a member you will find their web site under their organization name. It is a non sectarian order, very educational.

  • Please remember that AMORC is a place for those that think they are too smart to be brainwashed by the churches. AMORC is a great way of brainwashing. They do not have any teahings of their own, but the pick and chose ideas from various traditions and come up with ways of presnting these. It is a highly hierarchical order, and it is as corrupt as humanity itself. It mainly focuses on earthly things, on how to achiebve them, though there is no guarantee that what they teachj will help you to achieve these things. Their library contain s books of various author like the Dalai Lama, it contains the Tibetan book of the dead which you can slo find in regular city bookshops. They also claim, with no substance, that people like Newton and Einstein were members of the order.

  • An agnostic wanting to join an esoteric organization? Masons! You’d think you’d of had enough given their greed and corruption. Who you think is behind all of the economic and resource grabbing crap happening today? I hope your friend has money and influence. Otherwise, he’s just another patsy.

  • It takes wisdom and discernment when dealing with allegorical brotherhoods.

    There are bad apples out there and there are simpletons. But mostly these are sincere people searching for spiritual growth

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