What can I use to substitute a pastry cloth? What specifically does a pastry cloth do?

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  • its used for a slow straining. you can use coffee filters if you have some…good luck!

  • Pastry Cloth

  • A pastry cloth facilitates ease of rolling dough on a surface. It also makes your rolled out dough easier to move from the table to your pan. I don’t use a cloth anymore. Now pastry chefs generally opt for a silicone mat that can be washed, dried, and sanitized, or a sheet of parchment paper that can be thrown away after use. You can purchase parchment paper on rolls like plastic wrap in that same section of your local grocery store.

  • Just flour a counter, and roll out the dough there. A pastry cloth is just a non-stick cloth to use for rolling out dough with a rolling pin.

  • you can use a clean dish or tea towel

    my mom used it for pie crusts (rolling things out)…keeping bread warm and moist when rising….to put over phyllo….wringing out spinach (careful will stain)…straining yogurt or sour cream to make creme fraiche

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