what can mix in Culinary Concoctions on Neopets.com ?

in Shenkuu on Neopets the is this place called Culinary Concoctions. for weeks i have been trying to mix stuff and they don’t work. help me please!!

5 Answers

  • Nothing that anybody has discovered yet!!

    People have been looking hard and still there is nobody who has found a winning combination.

    If you want to get anything, stick to the cooking pot.

  • not my friends but I did with my brother and sister. I was the youngest and they always made me do things for them, like get them a drink and I would spit in their water, or give them a dirty glass. They also made me cook for them, and I would drop their food on the floor and serve it to them. I had my way of getting even.

  • Neopets.ocm

  • Neopets.con

  • https://shorturl.im/awdXP

    LMAO – yes all the time, we made some pretty gross tasting stuff

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