what channel is tlc on comcast cable?

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  • It’s channel 34 on my Comcast, but it’s not the same everywhere.

  • Well…the difference between directv and Comcast are huge. First of all, as a previous comcast subscriber, let me say that I HATED it. Their customer service sucked, nobody every knew what they were talking about, and at times I needed multiple visits from their technicians to fix a simple problem. Direct offers almost 100 HD channels currently, whilte Comcast has a measly 10. BIGGEST difference. Now, as far as cost effectiveness, Directv has to be the most expensive of all carriers, but it’s well worth it if you have an HDTV and want the best lineup. (currently I pay $109.99 For their premier package which includes all channels, including premium movie channels, HD servive, DVR service for 4 rooms.) Not sure what comcast’s rates are right now but I’m sure it’s less. Of course, you can get smaller packages, as low as $29.99 with directv, but there’s nothing on the planet like DirecTV’s premier HD package. Hope this helps!

  • On Comcast in the Pacific Northwest, TLC has been moved to channel 50

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    what channel is tlc on comcast cable?

  • channel 49 on comcast.

  • I’m in NJ and its channel 41 for me

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