what colors represent these feelings: fear, misery and loneliness?

I have a project and i need to use colors to explain feelings, but i want mine to be awesome and rock, so i want the best example for these.

5 Answers

  • Magenta. Perfect.

  • Feelings- A collage of the rainbow colors optionally set in a gray frame to reveal the sad face of feelings.

    Fear- Show progression from white through gray to black (dark insecurity)

    Misery- Bright Red followed by maroon merging into saffron with a black edge

    Loneliness- Lime green diminishing into fading green to burnt orange dotted with black.

    Good luck!

  • fear black

    misery grey

    lonlieness white

    you could do like big squares in the above colours with the appropiate words written across the squares and like drawings of people with these emotions it could be all abstract imformative and arty

    hope i helped x

  • misery and loneliness: grays and blues (blue grays maybe)

    fear, maybe black with something contrasting.

  • black



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