What continent is Israel located on?

There are seven continents to choose from: Antartica, Australia, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, so which one is it?

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  • Asia, and *not* Asia Minor (that’s Turkey). It’s right on the border of Africa–Sinai is in Africa geographically. And it’s *near* Europe, but it is only considered *part* of Europe socially (in terms of sports, etc.), not geographically.

  • What Continent Is Israel In

  • Asia

  • Asia

  • Israel is in the South West corner of Asia and at the South Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Geographically it’s at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. It’s also bordered by Lebanon to the North, Syria to the North East Jordan to the East and Egypt to the South West. Its Western shoreline is on the Mediterranean Sea and it occupies a narrow strip at the extreme South along the Red Sea.

    For the sake of simplifying it and minimizing confusion, Asia is seen mostly as its continent.

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    What continent is Israel located on?

  • Where Is Israel

  • Asia! Israel is in Asia!!! it’s wired but somehow the yahoo answer is locating Israel in Africa.

  • Israel is located in the Asian continent, but because of political problems with the Arab countries that falls in Asia too, Israel is considered a European country.

    Israel officially is recognized as an European country,although it is located in Asia, it falls southern Lebanon,Syria,and Turkey,where Turkey is the border of Asia and Europe,more precisely the Bosfor.

  • Asia

  • At the border of Asia with Africa but it belongs to Asia.

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