What difficult task did stalin most likely face when he tried to use logos in his speech?

What difficult task did stalin most likely face when he tried to use logos in his speech? a( since he considered the soviet people to be intelligent, he didn’t feel he needed to present logic. b) since he felt insecure about educated intellectuals he had to avoid presenting a logical argument c) since he did not graduate from school he could not present a logical case for fighting war d) since the enemy had attacked the soviet union, he didn’t need to be logical about the war







The facts and statistics did not all support his argument, so he chose them selectively.

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 Ethos is an ethical appeal, which the speakers or writers use to persuade their audience. It'a a natural reaction for people to accept the credibility of someone they admire. Since this way of persuasion is based on character's credibility, it would be impossible for Stalin to use ethos in his speech, on a account of all his atrocities.



B.) Since he had starved and tortured many soviets, he had to make himself seem trustworthy to his people



one type of the adjectives is predicate adjective. a predicate adjective is an adjective which follows a linking verb and modifies or refers back to the main subject of that linking verb.

it usually is used just before the noun it modies.

here in this example:

'penguins seem comfortable in the coolest habitats', comfortable is the predicate adjective which follows the linking verb 'seem' and modifies the noun.

People didn't really care about his line of thinking


Stalin was ruling for poor, hungry, and angry people. By using logos, he intended to appeal to the more logical side of the people, but the people of the country was at a point in which they did not really care anymore. If you're furious or starving, it is quite difficult to think straight.

Since he felt insecure about educated intellectuals, he had to avoid presenting a logical argument.

Stalin first encountered when he tried to use the logos in his speech with what he had to make himself. Since he was starving and tortured a lot of Soviet people, undoubtedly, he felt his dependence on the people - So he had to scare people in his speech to instill a sense of courage to defeat the enemy.

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