What do do if someone intentionally traps your car in a parking lot while they are in it ?

Yesterday this kid who’s a dirtbag drove by and saw my car nd we don’t like eachother at all. hes started and harrased me many times in the past and he had a car full of friends and they were all laughing. He thought it would be funny to trap me and f**k with me. Should i have called the cops? Or brake checked him so he’d hit me? He came extremely close to my car and pretended to hit me. i ended up cursing him out through my window and it was all on camera at a toyrs R us parking lot. I am 17 and he is as well. He blocked me from leaving instigating conflict then when he finally moved and i pulled out and he began following me briefly.

3 Answers

  • Your story CANNOT be accurate. If it is possible for him to trap you in, it IS NOT possible for you to ‘brake check’.

  • I’m sure there’s more to this story, I’d like to hear his side.

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