What do I do because I bent my drivers license?

Okay so I was messing around with my friends and one of them thought it would to be funny to bend my drivers license.. So what do I have do now? Do I have to renew it or can I keep it the way it is? (Texas)

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  • Bent Drivers License

  • if its bent horribly to the point where its about to tear i would just a new one..but if u=its not that bad then i would carefully bend it back to shape and just leave it my wallet over time it'll stay that way from being the wallet..if that makes any sense...

  • You can keep it as it is, unless you find it has torn in two or more pieces, and then you'll want to file for a replacement and pay the fee to get a new one.

  • Okay so. 'Unbend' your license. If it is unreadable, request a new one from your DMV. Okay so.

    Okay so,.

    Where do people get the notion to begin a question or a statement with "Okay so"?

    Grammar matters

  • Bent should be OK

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