What do I put for “date available” on a job application?

This might be a really stupid question, but I’m inexperienced! I need to put something for “date available.” I’m available any time, I guess, but I don’t know a professional way to put that. “Anytime” just doesn’t sound right, so what would be a better way to say that? I don’t really have a specific date in mind. Thanks.

4 Answers

  • the best way i have found is to put “open”, unless of course you need to give notice to your current employer, then put 2 weeks or so after that day you apply. But open seems to work well it shows that you are available and employers like that! i hope that helps or at least answers your question.

  • If you are working now, you should give 2 weeks notice, so put “2 weeks after hire”. If you aren’t working, and can start right away, put “immediate”.

  • If you are not working, then just write Available Immediately.

  • Just put the word “Now”.

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