What do I put in the “position desired” section of a job application when I don’t know what I want to do?

I know that section is for what part of the job you want to do (cleaning, counter, cooking, etc) but I really don’t know what it is I want to do, considering this will be my first job. What should I put there? Should I put “negotiable”, or would that seem immature? I have already put “negotiable” for the salary.

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  • open for any position.

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  • Position Desired

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  • If you know the position that is open, put that position. You might even put it with “or other.” (Cashier/Or Other). They probably won’t hire you for any other position than the one that is open. But if there are several positions open, you could put “any” or “Available for Any Position.” Good luck. 🙂

  • Your resume is your brochure. Like any brochure, it needs to be selling a product (you) that fills a particular need. You need to figure out what kinds of job you want and then tailor your resume to that job. Once you decide what your target job is, look at job postings about what skills are sought for that job. Then write your resume to show that you have those skills. When you send a resume to a job, you should put the title for that job in the “position desired” part.

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    I always like to say that “The position was neither intellectually challenging nor financially rewarding”.

  • put any, or like the first person said open for any position

  • it depends on what kind of job you are applying for. is it for a restaurant or something? a good position for that would be like hostess or something. hope this helps!

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