What do people mean when they say you have an accent ?

What do people mean when they say you have an accent ?

Does it mean that those people whose english sound different than the normal accent of the local people or city ?

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  • That you pronounce words differently; you pronounce letters / consonants/ vowels etc differently; that you talk funny; that you sound foreign. Everyone has an accent. It shows where you’re from; ex. texas, new york, california, britain, africa, china, australia, etc.


    ~pronouncing the word: “adorable”

    british accent: adohble

    american: adorble

    mexican: ador-aye-bleh

    ~pronouncing the word: “damn”

    american: damn / damnit

    Ghetto: dayum

    british accent: dommit / dom


    ~pronouncing the word: “@ss”

    american: ah -ss

    british: oss

    ~pronouncing the word: “this”

    french accent: deez

    ghetto: dis

    american: this

    ~pronouncing the word: “texas”

    texan: tayxas

    northern american: texas

    ~pronouncing the word: “what”

    chinese/indian accent: vat?

    american: wut?

    british: woht?

    ~pronouncing the word: “both”

    canadian: bolth

    american: bowth


    People sound different from city to city, country to country. The farther the place, the more distinct the accents are from eachother. Such as Texas vs Scottish accents. “yall to val vander schmit” you know? It could be southern vs northern accents in a particular state, or country .

    Chinese accents sound different than american ones you know what i mean yet?

    Hope I helped!

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  • Pretty much, you’re right. I means that you pronounce things differently than they do. I am all the time having to explain to people that I don’t have an accent 😉 and that they’re the ones….

    It’s all a matter of who is doing the listening.

  • Exactly – it usually means that the way you pronounce words is different from them.

    There was a wonderful moment in the TV show “House Calls” starring Lynn Redgrave in which someone complained about her “English accent”. She responded “I’m ENGLISH. YOU have an accent.”

  • A heavy accessory could be from any usa. in many situations while somebody learns a sparkling language, lots of the techniques they pronounce words can sound foreign places to a community speaker of that language. while somebody says you have a heavy accessory, it basically ability which you communicate the language in a manner that sounds like a mixture of language varieties. it is not a foul ingredient in many situations, until eventually human beings have a confusing time information you. in certainty, in many international locations an accessory could be considered as a surely thrilling characteristic, and can in specific circumstances additionally be arousing to the different intercourse. 🙂

  • if your a foreigner then its obvious but if you are from different places in america people use different accents people from jersey talk different from people in ohio depends on where your from

  • Making fun of u

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