What do prehistoric cave paintings and ancient graffiti represent?

What do prehistoric cave paintings and ancient graffiti represent?

O A. A system of writing called cuneiform O B. Early examples of printing O C. Early forms of communication O D. The development of the first alphabet


Early forms of communication.

early forms of communication include Cuneiform, Petroglyphs, and Hieroglyphs. hope this helps.

OD is the answer I think.

The correct answers to this question are hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, and cuneiform.

Three early forms of written communication were hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, and cuneiform.

Historians consider that the first form of written communication found on earth is the record tablets of Sumeria. Those first tablets from Uruk, Sumer, are considered Cuneiform. Petroglyphs are images created on rocks. People scratched or removed part of the surface by picking or carving the rock until they formed animals, figures, or prehistoric humans. Hieroglyphs were a written form of communication invented by the Egyptians in Ancient Egypt.

Three early forms of communication were:

Sounds (gutural)

Body signs (body language)



The first forms of communication were sounds, guttural sounds, loud or soft to the alarm of show approval of different phenomenons. Monkeys seem to have sound systems like the ones early humans had. With alarm sounds in high volume formats to warn everyone around. Along with that signs based on body language started to develop to communicate early messages and ideas, mostly or behavioral social actions. While drawings were the first form of written language we have proof of, this is the rock paintings in different, parts of the world. Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Italy, Japan have different styles that are not related.

I thinks its:
a typewriter
moorse code 
thats all i know
Letters, telegraph, and shouting
petroglyphs , uneiform, and hieroglyphs
The answers are Hieroglyphs and cuneiform not sure if petroglyphs is one of them
Three early forms of communication were petroglyphs, cuneiform, and hieroglyphs. 

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