What do the letters mean after US shoe size, eg 11EE or 11D?

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  • They are the width of the shoe. C is the most narrow, D is average, E is wide. Then there are multiple Es also — like EEE — for even wider.

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    What do the letters mean after US shoe size, eg 11EE or 11D?

  • The letters designate the WIDTH of the shoe. Higher the letters, the wider the shoe. EEE is pretty wide, like SASQUATCH foot wide as I remember it (thats the official shoe manufacturers term).

  • EE is for a very wide foot. D is for regular wide. If regular shoes are a bit too tight for you, D will work fine. If you have problem feet, you might need an EE. You could go to a good shoe store, and just get measured. Or use the link below to go to the website that tells you how to measure your foot and convert to size.

  • The letters equal the width of the shoe(by the toes). The higher the letter, the wider, EE is wider than D!

  • They refer to the width of a persons feet in regards to buying shoes. D is average for most men. EE would mean a wide foot compared to somebody who is a D!

  • The numbers mean the length of the feet, the letters mean their width.

  • That is how they tell you the width of the shoe is the U.S.

    AA would be more narrow, A next, B, C, D, and so on.

    EE or EEE would be very wide .

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