What do the polar bears, reindeer, and shrubs that live in a single area make up?

What do the polar bears, reindeer, and shrubs that live in a single area make up? organism population community ecosystem




A biotic community, also known as a biota or ’biocoenosis’, is the group of ORGANISMS of two or more different species that live together and interact with each other within an environment or habitat. Together, the biotic community and the physical landscape or abiotic factors make up an ECOSYSTEM.

A group of organisms constitute POPULATION. But when several populations share a common habitat and its resources, they interact among them­selves and develop into a biotic community or sim­ply, a community.



community is different species interacting with each other.

an ecosystem is both the living and the non living so it would not be an ecosystem.

a population is the number of the same species living together


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because this are a different spices leaving in the same area



The answer is community

They form an ecosystem.


Different organisms that thrive in a single region in combination form an ecosystem. On certain occasions, it is also illustrated as the composite association amongst all the constituents, that is, whether they are non-living or living present within a specific region.  

Within an ecosystem, one can witness a great degree of biodiversity, as all the constituents found within an ecosystem relies heavily upon each other for one thing or another. A healthy balance between all the components that form an ecosystem makes it a sustainable ecosystem.  

A combination of different organisms living within a single area is called an ecosystem. It is also sometimes described as the complex relationship between all the components both living and non-living within a given area. Although there may be a great degree of biodiversity within an ecosystem, all components within an ecosystem depend on each other for one resource or another.A sustainable ecosystem is where there is a healthy balance of all components making up the ecosystem.
I'm pretty sure they make up the eco system
Polar bear, reindeer and shrubs live in the Earth's coldest biome, the tundra.

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