what do u think is the most important thing in friendship ?

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  • Respect. I think friend should respect each other own privacy and always think the way from their point of view. friend should let them be themselve and cannot control other. friend should let them decide what they want and respect the decision what they made. Friend should share alk kind of situation or feeling from up and down Friend should respect each other family member and their other friend . Friend should support each other when they have problem . friend should not judge the decision of others people made. THIS IS ALL I THINK MOST IMPORTANT IS RESPECT

  • Loyalty




    An important thing in friendship is if both of you respect, trust, and support each other and always caring for the other side. A friendship should also be based on honesty and there should be some loyalty within the friendship.

    This is what I think are the most important.

  • I think TRUST is the most important thing in a friendship.

  • Trust.

    There’s an old Latin saying, maybe from a Greek Philosopher. “A True Friend is like another me.”

    But here’s a better take. C.S. Lewis says there are Two Types of REALLY GOOD friends to have.

    The First is like the Latin saying, they are Passionate about the Same Things YOU care passionately about, and think LIKE you. BUT, Lewis says, there’s another type, just as good, maybe better in some ways. THAT friend shares your passion, feels strongly about what YOU care about—But from the OPPOSITE Perspective! Once you get past the Arguing you find you really help each other to greater Heights of Appreciation for your Shared “Thing” and also Greater Heights of Perspective and Understanding of All Things in General.

  • The MOST importantest thing in a friendship is being able to trust each other. Being honest, yet forgiveness comes in with that as well.

  • Understanding.



  • Understanding. Without A Doubt

  • Trust




  • Being able to relate, to have a good laugh and good memories also being honest. Nothing’s worse than being friends with someone who can’t cheer you up.

    With that said, friendship will only work out when all of the people involved treat each other right!

  • Honesty

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