What do you bring to a candlelight vigil?

Three friends of mine were killed in an accident on wednesday, and there's a vigil later today. I don't know whether I bring my own candle or if not? I've never been to one before.

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  • Bring your own candle(s) and matches. If it's windy, bring a small cup (styrofoam or those colored plastic cups) to protect the flame from the wind. You make a hole in the bottom of the cup, slide the candle up in from the bottom. Keep the wick of the candle down below the brim of the cup. Light the wick. The cup protects the flame from the wind and your hand from dripping wax.

    You can also take a plain white t-shirt and decorate it with photos, words, etc. Even writing their names on your shirt front and saying, "We miss you." would be a nice touch. But you don't have to and you can wear whatever you want. If you don't wear the white t-shirt, I'd wear black since it's the color of mourning.

    God bless you and may He have mercy on the souls of your lost friends.

  • Candlelight Vigil Candles

  • bring a candle and some matches just in case they're not providing one. also bring a paper cup or something to put on the candle to catch the melting wax, otherwise it could get messy/burn your hand...

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