what do you call this hairstyle?

I’m looking for an exact name.. not something you made up (i can do that)

Here are the pics



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  • Those are not the same hairstyle. The first is a classic businessmen’s taper cut. The hair is brushed to the side and slightly to the back giving somewhat of a pompadour effect.


    The second is a stylist’s rendition of an extra long pompadour. If you need to place an exact name on it, call it a "vanguard" but no one will know what style is being referred to.


    Good Luck!

  • It rather does not appear as if something that has a attractiveness for it. It looks like it might desire to have a pair of long layers in it, with some short area swept bangs. Why no longer have the stylist layer the heck out of it, furnish you with some face framing layers and a thicker area bang. that could seem remarkable.

  • Surfer Hairstyle

    >Hope that helps 🙂

  • to be honest i don’t think there is an actual name for that look….it looks like an exaggerated mens fo hawk….

  • mango chupado

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