What do you do after you fall down stairs?

I just smashed my bottom by falling down the stairs, skipping 3 steps before landing (which really hurt, destroying my phone in my back pocket in the process). My tail bone is now hurting more and more. I took two advils. Is there anything else I should be doing?

3 Answers

  • That’s happened to me before, and I just relaxed on the couch for the rest of the day. However, since you destroyed your phone when it collided with your behind and the stairs; I would wait a little longer for that particular area to heal. (An additional day or two at most.) The pain can also differ, due to the type of stairs you slipped off of. (Carpet, wood, steel, etc.) Whatever the case is, if the pain still persists, I would check it out. If it’s broken; the doctor can only recommend an inflatable doughnut for you to sit on or pain medicine since, they can’t do procedures in that area. You should also replace that phone of yours. Don’t worry! Either way you’ll be fine, and sorry for what happened to you. Good luck!

  • Try some muscle relaxant ointment,the pain will go after a few days.

  • Ice it for 20 minutes then heat it for 20 minutes that should just help relax the pain. Hope my advice helps! 🙂

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