What do you do in JROTC?

What exactly does one do in JROTC?

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  • its hella fun(= you learn army commands [left face, right face, etc] and you get to go to military balls and you win prizes. it also teaches you self-confidence and discipline for yourself. take it homie!

  • No it does not. You are extrapolating from a few isolated incidents to an entire program. Do the actions of a few individuals at Abu Ghraib describe the entire US military…of course not. There are going to be bad apples in every organization, but that doesn’t mean everyone is like that. Most jrotc kids are nothing like your insulting description. When you comment that the jrotc uniform is an “outfit of little girls” it really makes it hard to afford your description any credibility at all. One of my friends who went to Lowell, a hi performing magnet high school, but lived in a seedy area of San Francisco and had to take muni trains and buses to school, told me she and her friends would always try to get on the same bus or muni train as the jrotc kids because they felt a lot safer. Why don’t you join your schools jrotc and see how it is from the inside. If there are bad apples, you can be sure that the good kids in jrotc are more upset about the bad name those kids give the organization than you are. Three years of jrotc substitutes for the first two years of College rotc, the basic course. It will look great when competing for an rotc scholarship which pays full tuition regardless of amount.

  • I spent 4 years in AFJROTC during High School

    3 days a week it was like a regular class, just geared toward military. First year was military history, second was flight, third was space, fourth was either leadership development or getting your private pilot license (two different classes offered).

    The other days a week, it was geared towards learning to march, rank, formations, saluting, all the basics of being in the military. One of those days (usually a Thursday) we were our uniform to school, had an inspection and things like that.

    I highly recommend JROTC to anyone, even those mildly interested in the military. I made a lot of great friends, there are lots of scholarship opportunities and my school district gave both elective, history, math and english credits for the classes.

    Plus, when I joined the Army, I went in as an E-3 without having to participate in DEP, recruit a friend, ect. Not a huge deal, but saves you about six months.

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    What do you do in JROTC?

    What exactly does one do in JROTC?

  • I was in Army JROTC…basically you learn commands (left face, right face), how to march (left flank, column left, etc), ranks, creed, history, how to join Army, etc.

    We had a military ball, collected money 4 DAV (Disabled American Veterans, and did other fund raisers and events (sell candy 4 Military ball and Veterens day ceremonies)!

    You also learn proper wear of uniform and wear it one day out of the week! You learn about the rifle and how to do commands with rifle (attention, 15 count manual arms)!

  • in jrotc you do fun stuff

  • its okay, if you are really planning to join the army

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