What do you say when returning a missed call from a potential employer?

I applied for a job at my local bookstore 2 weeks ago and missed a call from them yesterday. Someone left a message saying that they pulled my application and were wondering if I was still seeking employment, which I am. The person gave me their name and how long they would be in yesterday, but i couldn’t return the call immediately because of mental health issues. Would it be too late to call back today? If I do call back, what do I say? This is my first time doing this so I have basically no idea what I’m doing.

3 Answers

  • Call them back right away. Just apologize and say you left your phone at a friend’s house. That’s it; don’t go on and on about it. Apologize and then just say yes, you are still looking for work.

  • Call immediately. Say you just got back from a trip and called as soon as you could. Oh, did I say CALL IMMEDIATELY ?

  • You have to snap out of it. Make that phone call even if you stumble during the conversation. Stop using your mental state as an excuse not to get out there and function like everyone else.

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