What do you think about the California High Speed Rail?

Most countries have their own high speed rail, China has a bullet train, Russia has a fast train rail, so does Spain. What do you think about the HSR in California? It goes from San Diego (lowest point) to Sacramento (Highest point)?

The USA is now having a high speed rail

5 Answers

  • The idea of high speed rail is great but too many people wanted too many things from it and gunked it up.. LA to SF with only several stops serving as hubs would have been good.. But all the cities along the way wanted it to go through that would have low speed limits and too many stops.. They turned it from two and a half hours into five.. Not going to happen and wasted billions..

  • Like everything else, California would screw it up, steal the money and it would never work.  Then they would want the rest of the states to pay the bills.

  • In 2008, the California voters voted for a high speed rail to connect San Francisco to San Diego.  With the initial focus on SF to LA.

    Instead of focusing on that, the first phase only focused on the Fresno area.  It is EXTREMELY over budget.

    Four days into office in January 2019, King Newsom cancelled the project, but the Central California portion would remain.

    Since even with the King’s power, Newsom does not have the power to do this, I don’t know the current status of the project except it is unlikely to ever happen.  I would like to get the tax dollars I paid for the last 13 years refunded. 

  • It would make traveling to work way easier. Unlike the bus, you wouldn’t have to wait forever just to get to one location. I would use it everyday. 

  • It will be a waste of money.  Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines will kill it.

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