What do you think makes a work of fiction realistic

What do you think makes a work of fiction realistic


By being real and not over-exaggerating

I think what makes a fiction realistic is the way the author describes the situation as a real life thing if that makes sense

giving a character a lot of background information and make the story relatable for people. that way you will empathise with the characters.

Fiction, by definition, deals with stories that are not real. However, inspiration for these often comes from the real world, and many stories are extremely realistic. There are many elements that contribute to making a work of fiction "realistic." For example, complex characters make a work more realistic because they tend to resemble real people. Moreover, when story lines are believable, and resemble experiences that many people have, they contribute to making a work of fiction realistic.

Emotions and Characters
It contains logical situations that may happen in real life.
Probably a relatable scenario in a time or area that does indeed exist
Realistic elements like real historical events, real historical figures, historical landmarks, etc.
The usage of realistic story elements to help enforce a logical fiction story.
Well, even in a fiction book, there's bound to be something related to the real world. Like Harry Potter(By J.K. Rowling), there's still humans(muggles*). Or even a plant(just not a giant size Venus plant trap xD).

*Muggles: A non magical creature; human*

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