What do you think of this morning Routine?

4:30 wake up




5:00 meditation 

5:30 study

7:30 breakfast

8:00 start day/online school

I am not sure if I should switch the order between meditation and study. 

7 Answers

  • It’s silly.  Wake up at 7:00 brush teeth, fix random stuff, at 7:30 eat breakfast, then start online school at 8:00. More sleep is better for everyone.

  • First, I want to say, good for you being organized, knowing the importance of using your time wisely. I also admire you for being able to get up at 4:30am! 🙂 I have a few suggestions, which might be of help..

    1) exercise early in the morning, is one of the best overall things you can do for your health. The book I am reading on natural healing suggests a 1 hour brisk walk, early in the morning, and I can see the benefits to that – gets the blood circulation going; since you are exercising before breakfast you are burning only body fat (when you exercise after 12 hours of not eating, there is nothing in the tank, and your body has no choice but to burn straight body fat, which is really great!).. Exercise in the early morning will get blood to the brain, wake you up, gives you time to think, and it really is great for your health – it regulates all your hormones, increases your lung capacity, works your muscles, moderates your emotions, gives you a emotional lift and can fight depression, if needed. 

    In my own opinion though, a 1 hour walk isn’t necessary.. 35 minutes at a brisk pace, I have read elsewhere, is good enough. And I would add that STRETCHING is really important to prevent injuries, to keep your muscles toned etc.. people forget to stretch, and this is a huge mistake, in my opinion! 🙂 Come up with a really quick stretching routine and even if you just do 5 minutes in the morning, you will be doing yourself a world of good! Start with your ankles, which are the most important joint in your body – if you have ever turned your ankle and couldn’t walk for 4 days, you will understand what I am talking about! So, give your ankles a good stretch – you can find videos online, but one that I like to do, that can be done anywhere and is quick but really effective is this: stand with your feet together, slide one foot forward so that it is now in front of the other, and now with the leg that is in front, turn your ankle so that you are now standing on the side of your foot (with all your weight on the back leg). What you are doing is stretching all the muscles that would be effected if you did turn your ankle. This has saved me a lot of injuries! I’ve since rolled my ankle on many occasions, but since they are stretched, I feel no pain, and have no injury. Do some hip rotations, some shoulder rotations – keep your joints loosend up! And do your best to touch your toes every day! In this way, you will keep your body loose and injury free.. 

    2) Not being critical here, but just want to make a suggestion, that I hope will help. I don’t personally believe in meditation – talking to yourself.. I believe in prayer – talking to God.. the Creator of the Universe, not only wants to be in your life, but will talk to you, if you make time for Him. 

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  • Meditation?  You some sort of hippy or what?

  • You would be better off, physically and mentally, using that 5:00 slot for a half hour of exercise, and saving your meditation for later in the day when you need to de-stress.

  • Looks good, as long at it gets you where you need to be at 8am. Meditation first may help you retain what you will be studying. and studying first; the meditation may help you process what you just studied. Try it both ways. 

  • If that works for you, then it’s good. I’m not sure why you are asking us this question in the religion section.

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