What do you think of Trump sealing the biggest arms deal in us history to the greatest spreader of radical backwards Islam in this world?

Why isn’t their investigation of this ? ?

350 billion dollar deal …

8 Answers

  • The USA made them what they are, and have been propping them up since the 1950’s.

  • I think it’s great. Getting along with 1.6 billion Muslims is a lot better than going to war with them. They don’t fight fair

    We can kill a Billion over the next 50 years but hey will keep coming blowing up airplanes churches, synagogues and crowded streets. In 2003, I posted when bush the little invaded Irak How will we know when the war is over? How will we know who won? The last American to die in Irak was not born yet.

  • Business is business. As long as we make a hefty profit and don’t sell any secrets that would jepordize our security.

  • That’s our TrumpTreason.

  • its OK these aren’t ISIS duh Iraq’s dead we need someone to kill Iran if you had brains you would be dangerous instead all you will have is another hole in the foot

  • Until the attacks on Syrian soldiers and the airbase and civilians, I did support Trump. The U.S. is not legally allowed to be in Syria. The U.S. supports terrorism and the Saudi form is the most dangerous, all for the money. England as well. It is true that U.S. is not really concerned about terrorism in that region because Saudis fund it and so does the U.S. against Syria, Iran and Russia. Nothing can break the corrupt ties between SA and USA.

  • I love watching his followers- who wanted him to ban all Muslims and nuke them- doing backflips to explain why, suddenly, it’s great to be friends with S.A.!

  • Whites becoming a minority in a nation founded and built by whites is the threat

    Not muslims

    Fcuking moron

    So. Fcuking. Stoopid.

    People can change their religion. They can’t change their race.

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