What doe “one pac, two pac…” in eight mile final battle mean?

what does eminem mean when he says “1 pac 2 pac 3 pac 4 4 pac 3 pac 2 pac 1 mean?

5 Answers

  • i think he is just counting in reference to 2 pac’s name, he just prolly is tryna say they are all wannabe 2pacs and then he points at sum person saying he is “none” as in that person is not even a wannabe

    like when people say “me too” then someone says “me three”<~~which makes no sence but same ѕнι𝓉 here


    &&& it MEANS , like u know the rapper 2pac , well he says just says that as in sayen different kind of “pacs” u know what im sayen ?

  • pac was a rapper (Tupac Shakur) that died in 1996…. he was a gangsta rapper so when they say 1 pac it means 1 gangsta and at the end he says your not a gangster (no pac..none) and after that he mentions that he is not gangster his real name is clarence

  • He is pointing @ those guys pretty much saying they’re 2pac[a rapper] wannabes

  • hes pointing out that they’re all fake tupacs, hes basically counting them all, when he points at papa doc and says “none” he’s basically saying that he’s even less than that.

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