What does 10/9 central on TV mean?

I live in California.

When they something is going to be on TV at 10/9 central, what does that mean? What time should I watch TV ?

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  • It means that it will come on at 10 pm California time, 9pm in the Central zone. Also, that very same show will be on at 10pm in New York which would be your 7pm. Confusing, isn't it?

  • Everybody else is correct. If you are in California however, I'm surprised that you even hear that advertisᴇмᴇɴt. You must be watching it on cable.

    The actual reason for stating two show times for a program is because there is an "East Coast" satellite (several actually) and a "West Coast" satellite. These satellites broadcast to two time zones each, due to "line of sight" (it's a curvature of the earth thing). So the satellite sends out the signal once but is is picked up in both the Eastern and Central time zones OR the Mountain and Pacific Time zones. You should normally hear "Mountain and Pacific broadcasts" in California.

    As Paul Harvey would say..."Now you know the REST of the story"!

    Source(s): It's a long story and I'm 51.
  • It means it comes on at 10 on the East coast and 9 in the Central time zone.

  • It means 10:00 Eastern, 9:00 Central time. So, if you lived in California, it would be in Pacific time: 7:00.

  • The 10 o clock time is for the east coast and the central is for the middle of the country... I guess you go by eastern time...

  • 10 is east coast and 9 would be when you watch it

  • if your in cali, watch at 10. for the people in the middle of america, we are one our behind so we watch at 9. you just have to worry about the first timming.

  • It means ten o'clock your time nine o'clock central time same as in the east,but backwards

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