What does “15 years his junior/senior” mean?

I never understood this when used to describe how old or young someone is. What’s “junior and senior mean”?

Why not just say how the person is?

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  • 15 years junior would mean the person is 15 years younger than the other. 15 years senior would man they r 15 years older.

  • Senior Meaning

  • In any organization, seniority is simply the number of years someone has been there longer; of course, intelligence, efficiency at work, and other capabilities are often considered before promoting a person.

    “If I am 15 years your senior”, I have been 15 years longer in that company [or older, longer in life!]

    This was a roundabout way in Dickens’ time to say who was older or younger!

  • “15 years his junior” means “15 years younger than him”

    “15 years his senior” means “15 years older than him”

  • like if you are 15 and they say 15 their senior then they are 30 yrs old

    ppl would say that in the 40s cuz its just how ppl were back then

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