What does 901 free at last mean?

It was on toby on pretty little liars and i dont know what it means!! i saw somewhere that it looked like an inmate number, which kinda makes since but i was wondering if anyone knew for sure or if there were more ideas. thanks!!!

OMG that makes so much sense!! thank ya'll so much!

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  • 901 is September 1st--the day Ali died/went missing.


    The reason why he was "free" is because Ali knew Toby's secret--that he was raping Jenna--and when Ali went missing he felt relieved.

  • I did some reseach on this becasue I want to know too. I think it was a inmate nummber from jail From when he got arrested when he took the blame for the fire that cause jenna to go blind I think 901 was his number or it was the date he got out of jail or reform school that is where they said he was after what happened that also explains the free at last part too

    I dont think he kill alison I think he is good I love toby.

  • 901. 901 is the day Alison Dilaurentis went missing or died one of the to, and Toby C. had it tattooed on him because Alison tethered that he would tell everyone that he was having sex with his step-sister.

    901=September 1st/ 9-01

  • 901 refers to the date Alison went missing and since the girls believe Toby is the killer, they believe that"901 free at last" means 9/01, (Alison) is free at last *dead*

  • Its the day alison went missing

    It means thatchow alison knew jenna was forcing him to do it with her and tircking there parents into thinking he was rapung her and ali found out and didnt understand so after she went missing he was free at last.

  • The date that Ali went missing.

  • its the date that ali went missing

  • it was the day he ended things with Jenna

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