what does 9110024 mean?

or 911-0024. i know it spells something (the way people used to convert numbers into letters of the alphabet to send messages over pagers), but what? thanx!

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  • If I didn't know any better I'd say it was a mobile phone number. But when you translate it from the coded message it spells

    jbbaace. Is that what you're looking for? Or jlaax.

  • Okay, I will tell you, 911 00 24, the it is a phone number, it is not a real phone number it was made up, 911 means emergency, 00 means in no time, and 24 means 24/7/365. it is in a song. the only thing missing is the area code. I will be there in no time for you 24/7/365 is the exact meaning

  • The normal method for converting numbers to letters doesn't have any letter for 1, so I don't think this can be a phone number. And since it starts with 911, it certainly can't be a phone number in the United States, because the 911 will immediately route you to the emergency number.

    The emergency number in the US was originally 999, the same as it still is in the UK and Ireland, but then somebody pointed out that on a rotary phone this was almost the slowest number to dial since 9's took nearly 9 times as long to dial as 1's, so they changed the number to 911. On modern touchtone phones, all the digits can be dialed equally easily, but it is not worth changing back.

    In Europe, the emergency number which works on all mobile phones is 112. You can use this even if you have no credit on the phone and if the phone is locked.

  • It depends what you are asking. Are you asking whether the English word "god" has a meaning; and if so what is it? Or are you asking whether "God (the Creator" has meaning in who He is and what He does? The first question about the Eng word "god"; well to be honest, I do NOt know what is the origin of the word. I guess I can check online, but that would be me just regurgitating what someone else has written. I tend to think of the Eng word "god" to refer to "a or the Creator". When used of the biblical God, then I would refer to "God" as meaning "the uncreated Creator who is full of power and might; a king who has the right and ability to judge, but is not confined to a physical form" As for whether the God of the Bible has meaning... I would say that the question is the wrong way round: the God of the Bible is the means by which ALL else has meaning. No thing can have meaning unless the God of the Bible is truly who He says He is. I understand then that this implies that one has to accept that the God of the Bible - 1 - Exists 2 - Can be experienced by mankind 3 - The Bible is an accurate account of God communicating with mankind (in its original language) I guess what could help answer the second question is "Why should anything have meaning?" Or better still "Why are humans looking for meaning in things?" across ALL cultures throughout all of recorded history... Hope this helps

  • Pager Code Alphabet

  • It has to do with sex. Somewhat of a booty call. It's not a cell phone number translation. Kinda like 143 means I love you.

  • High Energy Physics - Theory, abstract


    From: [view email]

    Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1991 21:13:00 GMT (16kb)

    Generalized W-algebras and Integrable Hierarchies

    Authors: N. Burroughs, M. de Groot, T. Hollowood, L. Miramontes

    Comments: 9 pages

    Journal-ref: Phys.Lett. B277 (1992) 89-94

    We report on generalizations of the KdV-type integrable hierarchies of Drinfel'd and Sokolov. These hierarchies lead to the existence of new classical $W$-algebras, which arise as the second Hamiltonian structure of the hierarchies. In particular, we present a construction of the $W_n^{(l)}$ algebras.

  • its from a keith sweat song he used that number in the song

  • 9110024

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