What does a 13 year old girl want for Christmas ?

I’m her aunt and she started living with me. She says she doesn’t want anything for Christmas . But I’m going to get her gifts . What would she like ? She wears make up everyday. She always has music on . She’s not very sporty ,but competitive. She also is a natural at acting . This year has been very hard on her . So I want to make this awesome . Please help it would greatly appreciated.

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  • Clothes of course: Clothes that best fit her style!

    Shoes: Any type of shoes depending on her style such as converse, vans, uggs, combat boots, etc


    Accessories: Belts, leggings/tights, hats/beanies, purses or tote bags!

    Makeup: Since she wears makeup, get her makeup! I recommend drugstore brands such as maybelline, covergirl, revlon, l'oreal, etc

    Hair: Hair straightener, curling iron/curling wand, hair products such as hair sprays, hair shampoos and conditioners.

    Skincare: Since she is getting into her teen years, she may develop some type of acne on her face, if not, get skincare products to prevent it. I recommend Clean & Clear, Aveeno, etc

    Nail polish

    Bath & body products: Go to Bath and Body Works, they have the best bath and body products.

    Video games!

    DVDs, books, magazines!

    New iPod and earphones or headphone set!

    Camera to make memories

    Hope this helps! Have fun shopping! Hope she likes everything that you're going to get her 🙂

  • Awe, it’s the I don’t want anything for Christmas answer. I said the same thing. lol If she is into makeup I would have to say jewelry. Maybe you can buy her an ipod or mp3 player since she likes music. My older sister is picky so I would not buy clothes unless she is there shopping with you. I’m sure that what ever you get her she will like because your her aunt. 🙂 If you run out of options try buying her a visa card…she can spend that in any store or online.

  • Here are some great gift ideas a 13 year old for Christmas this year:


    I know my 13 year old is into the whole ipad or tablet which she never was before growing up. She can watch all of her videos online or play certain apps which they have tons of them. I know it’s her friends who influence her to get the best gadgets. Other things like a smartphone, itune gift card, ipod, mp3 player, laptop are just a few things she would love to own.

    Fashion: http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=topnav_storetab_sl?ie=…

    I know most 13 year old or just teens in general are looking for brand new shoes or clothes. You can get her uggs, jacket, sweater, purse, makeup set or jewelry. Basically anything that can make her look popular in front of her friends or just looking pretty. Clothes might be hard to get because they can be picky about it, so leave a gift receipt in case they don’t like it they can return it. Otherwise, makeup set or uggs is hard to mess up on.

    Skin Care: http://www.amazon.com/Skin-Body-Face-Products/b/re…

    I know acne was one of the biggest problems for most teens so some good facial skin care item is something to help them clear their pimples or acne if they start breaking out. I know when I had it during that time I didn’t know what to do so I just left it there and I remember those embarrassing days going to school and have a zit on my nose. Whatever you decide to get her, I’m sure she will like it.

  • Well im 13 and i would say Clothes, a lot of clothes, an ipod touch 5th generation 32GB, miss me pants, boots, and makeup, if shes 13 then get her clothes from like, forever 21, rue21, wet seal, macys, jcpennys, american eagle, styles, and pacsun places like that

  • clothes

    head phones

    acne cleansor


    make up

    some sort of electronic

    gift cards such as Forever 21,Starbucks,iTunes, etc.


    hair products



    nail polish

    if she likes to cook?bake baking equipment

    if she dances maybe a ballet bar, new shoes, or new dance clothes

    if she does sports get her equipment

    if she like to draw get her oils,paints,paper,markers, a whiteboard

    if she s a gymnast get her a gymnastics mat

    phone case

    visa card

    Hope this helps, and good luck! 🙂

  • if she has an ipod, and itunes gift card. if not, maybe one of those!

    for makeup, sephora ulta and kohl’s have a lot of great gift sets you could get her, they’re fun to play around with

    acting classes

    clothes, shoes

    fuzzy socks

    gift certificate for a mani/pedi

    spa trip

  • Makeup and clothes of course. Hire her an acting agent. She'd love that. iTunes gift card. Ugg boots. Sperry's. Cell phone. Headphones. Earbuds

  • itunes cards, GC’s to her favourite store brand (possibly F21) , make up , curling irons , hair products , basically things you wanted at her age or just picture yourself in her shoes 🙂

  • make up, headphones, clothes, or gift cards, maybe a nice camera, laptop, Ipad

  • cellphone, headphones, clothes, jewellery, shoes, ereader, laptop, ipod, ipad, makeup, flat iron, curling iron,etc.

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