What does a black shirt with a green alien on it mean?

I’ve seen alot of people wearing them, I don’t wanna know if they like aliens, my god. I just wanna know if its a brand or something.

And I meant to put white alien not green.

22 Answers

  • It means you’ll never get laid.

  • There is a secret cult that is set in the beleif that our government is keeping secrets from us. The black shirt signifies that we are all in the dark about being viseted by beings from another planet, and the fact that the allien is green signifies that the government is using the technology to make boat loads of money.

    Not, it is just a green shirt with a green alien, but it was fun making up a story.

  • That the person likes green aliens and the color black?

  • That it is a black shirt with a green alien on it.

  • That the person wearing it is dumb. The black shirt/green alien is the internationally recognised uniform of the retarded.

  • It means that you like aliens

  • it means dont punch me in the kidney cause i will explode little green aliens

  • it means its a black shirt with green aliens on it.

    wow. srsly how is this even a question??

  • it means that the shirt loves aliens.

  • well…if u got it from hot topic or something like that it means basically goth…or u just think the shirt is cute…but i doesnt mean anything wrong or bad…but i mean seriously aliens…lol…(ugh)…but it means nothing!!!!!!

  • It means the person who is wearing it is one of them.

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