what does a crab symbolizes?

I wanted to get a tatoo, so as i was thinking of ideas i thought of a crab & ever since i’ve been thinking about it & i can’t let go of the idea SO i want to know what a actaul crab animal symbolizes.

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  • Unless your Astrological sign is Cancer, I would seriously consider whether or not to get a crab tattoo. Most people will probably assume that’s what it is.

    That said, consider this wealth of information on Crab Symbolism….

    “Crabs cast off their shells for new ones, and this is where the rebirth/cycling association plays its part.

    The protective animal symbolism is evident in the hard, spiny exo-skeleton found with these creatures.

    When the crab crawls into our consciousness we’re reminded of the cyclical nature in our lives and what protection we may need for the path on which we embark.

    The Crab signifies prosperity, success and high status in Chinese symbolism because the Chinese word referring to its shell is a pun on the term used for the highest score a candidate can make on the Chinese Imperial Examinations (first, or jia). Two crabs represent the first and second scores of the Examinations.

    Crab animal symbolism includes attributes such as…







    As an animal totem, the crab’s ambulation is noteworthy. Never taking a direct (forward, or head-on) route, the crab makes its way on land with a sideways tap-dance.

    This is a reminder that not all paths are direct and not all ways will be forthcoming in their meaning. When you are moving in a certain direction, and you feel a bit misguided, call upon the travel-savvy crab. She will guide you in an unorthodox way – taking lesser known paths of least resistance and bring you to clarity.

    The crab reminds us that we may live within the diversity of this world with the preparedness of a warrior (wearing armor), but we are born with this preparedness – we do not have to guard or defend ourselves on purpose.

    In other words, when we relax and move in the waves of wellbeing – moving in the natural flow of things, we have no need for defense. All of our needs are met, and we are divinely cared for.

    There’s a reason for the old adage: “happy as a crab.” It’s because the crab is content to move with the natural cadence of the moon, the water, the land, and the perfect rhythm of nature. We would do well to follow her lead.”


  • Crab Tattoo

  • It has now become a symbol to represent your inner creativity and imagination. A red spider with crab hands! How imaginative.

  • A crab symbolizes the zodiac sign for cancer, which I think is Latin for crab.

    People sometimes say someone is a crab, or is crabby, when they react in a nasty, snapping way.

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