What does a product of its time mean ?

I am doing a project type thing for my history class and it asks to describe why the amendments are a product of there time, I don’t really understand what that means ?? answer that helps me the most before 4:30 gets top answer (:

So would it be like how it improved life at that time ?

2 Answers

  • a scientific breakthrough for the time . they were in.

  • Usually when someone says “it was a product of its time” they mean that it was influenced by popular thought at the time, but with the (understood) caveat that it wasn’t well designed for the future (though this part is unnecessary).

    The amendments were influenced by the writings of John Locke (all men are created equal). Also, they came about because the Americans were tired of living under a monarchy and wanted to guarantee that the citizens would have certain liberties that couldn’t be taken away by the government.

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