What does “amen” translate to in Spanish?

I know that in English it means “so be it”, but I want to know what it means in Spanish.

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  • It’s the same, but with an accent : amén.

  • Amen In Spanish

  • It spells the same and means” agree”

    It can be used with phrases to mean

    decir a todo amen–to agree totally or with everything

    en un decir amen–in a jiffy

    amen de–aside from, except for

  • amen is the same in English as in Spanish

  • In spanish amén means “Así sea” which is the same meaning to english “so be it”. I don´t know why nobody got your question, it is so clear!

  • Because of it’s roots, Amen translates to basically the same thing in all languages… So be it, let it be so, etc…

  • You could either say:

    Amén (which literally means, “Amen”)


    Bendiciones (which literally translates to, “Blessings”)

    Hope I Helped!


  • This will explain what amen means,


  • The same spelling but pronounced as Ah-Men giving the same meaning.

  • amen with ‘ or stress on the e

  • Aye Caramba.

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