What does Autosage mean?

My brother keeps calling me this, and i was wondering what it meant. He probably have the word from 4chan. Can someone tell me what it means?

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    Great answers from Dominic, Jaysinh, ixiruxa and others. I think as far as we are concerned Love is good one. But not the foolish emotion we regard as Love. Love is a state of Being. One who becomes at one with Love becomes truly Free. We should get away from the idea that Love is a vague state of mind or something to tie friends and relatives together. In it’s highest state it sets people free in the realisation that God is All. Ever since the dawn of civilisation mankind has searched the meaning behind lifes challenges and trials, the purpose of religion and science and the Why of Existence. This searching is really man’s innate spiritual drive to transmute the ‘stone’ of basic matter and consciousness into the ‘gold’ of Freedom-consciousness and existence. This Earth is really a classroom of experience designed to provide the answers (or meaning) that mankind needs, although he might not neccessarily want it! After our graduation we are given further experiences and higher meanings that we might apply to assist us in our goal of Spiritualising matter and consciousness back to God, as Conscious Gods.

  • After a thread has reached a certain post count, it is not bumped anymore, every post is considered a sage, whether it was a sage or not. Thus the term “autosage”.

    Posters may continue to post in the thread and discuss, but it will no longer be bumped to the first page, and will eventually be forgotten and fade into oblivion.

  • Auto Sage

  • a forgettable individual.

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