what does “besa mi colo madre punto” mean, my friend sent it to another friend in a text?

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  • it means

    kiss my a s s son of a bit ch

    and its madre puto not (punto)

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    what does "besa mi colo madre punto" mean, my friend sent it to another friend in a text?

  • Besa Spanish

  • Besa = kiss

    mi = my

    colo = @ss

    madre = mother

    punto = point (?) (I think it's bad Spanish spelling for "puto", masculine of whore)

    Well, as you can see, nothing very nice. lol.

  • Well, "besa mi colo" means "kiss my ***".. "madre" means mother.. but the way the last 2 words are, it's hard to translate it correctly.

    Source(s): I know Spanish
  • It sounds like it is a bit of english translated to spanish. I thnk that it should be culo not colo....I have never seen it colo but I don't know mexican slang that much but Guatemalan slang is similar....anyway. He's probably trying to say kiss my @ss mother F$(%cker

  • Well you should talk to him and tell him you really didnt mean to send that text. If he still insists that he will kill your boyfriend then you should definitely call the police because this is someones life after all. Also, talk to your boyfriend because i think he has a right to know that his life could be on the line.

  • It means, kiss my colo mother point. He said it wrong. Oh well, hummmmmmmmmmm

  • well.. im filipino.. and we speak 30% or so spanish hehehe..

    besa means kiss??

    mi means my??

    culo is azs??

    madre is hmm.. girl or woman..

    punto is now?? hmm not sure about punto

  • kiss my *ss, bᎥτçհ....why is madre there? if he wants to make it right it should be besa mi culo, puto, hijo de tu pinche madre then it's kiss my *ss, *sshole, son of a bᎥτçհ

    Source(s): trilingual, lived in argentina

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