What does ‘black ball’, ‘white ball’, and ‘orange ball mean in basketball?

I was watching a basketball anime (Kuroko no Basuke/Basket) and sometimes when the balll goes out of bounds(i think) or something like that, the referee shouts ‘black ball’, ‘white ball’, or ‘orange ball’. I really have no idea to what this means. If anyone could help, it would really be appreciated!

(I notice I asked something about basketball twice in a row OwO Maybe I just found a new favorite anime)

7 Answers

  • The “color of ball” the ref is declaring reflects the color of the uniform on the team who gets the ball.

  • Honestly, I have never heard of those terms in street, high school, college, or pro ball. It’s probably a Japanese thing.

  • The color of the team. Fot example if a red team was playing a blue team and the red team threw the ball out of bounds, then it would be blue ball

  • when they said white ball, the team in the white jersey gets the ball. When they called black ball, that mean the team with the black jersey gets the ball.

  • That’s referring to the color uniform of the team that will inbound.

  • The color of the team that gets the ball is what he should yell

  • Thanks for the help everyone!

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