What does Blu-Ray/DVD mean?

Does Blu-ray/ DVD mean that there's a regular DVD version AND a Blu-Ray version inside? Or does it mean that it's just a Blu-Ray DVD?

This is if it's on a movie case, like How to Train Your Dragon

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  • It means that it had both, some DVDs say that and put it all in one disc where you can switch from Blu-Ray to regular. Some come with 2 DVD inside where one is blu-ray and one isnt.

  • Blu Ray Plus Dvd

  • Looks like they are just telling you the system can play both Blu-Ray and DVDs in the system. Some computer systems will show a single Blu-Ray/DVD, which I think this is what you are seeing, while others will have duel Blu-Ray and DVD. When you see 'duel' they mean the system has two optical drives. The first will still be a Blu-Ray/DVD and the second will be just a DVD. You typically need to go out of your way to have a duel system, because the community that wants a duel system is very small. Blu-Rays are always backwards compatible to the standard DVD format.

    I hope this helps.

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    yes and no, yes because most of them come with a disc for the blu-ray copy and another disc for the dvd copy, as well as a password for the digital copy to download, no because sometimes and ive only seen it a few times(especially if the combo price is really cheap compared to other movies) one side of the disc might be blu-ray and the other side is dvd. in that case it would only be 1 disc while still having the ability to play on either machine.

  • The blu ray disc Player can play dvds as well as blu ray discs

  • Yep. You're right. It comes with a blue ray and a dvd and a digital copy so you could upload it to your computer and onto your ipod if you pleased.

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