what does character defining moment mean? Examples?

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  • When you make a definitive choice about what direction your character will take.

    – Lets say you’re a teen partying with a group of your friends, and they begin to make fun of a special needs adult. Although you feel the peer pressure and fear being rejected by your friends, you make a choice to defend the special needs person against the onslaught of teasing. You have decided to take the high road instead of the low road. This is a character defining moment.

    – Let’s say someone drops and envelop on the street and walks into a restaurant. You pick up the envelope and find that it has $1000 cash in it. No one has seen you pick it up. You want to keep the money, but you decide that honesty demands you return it to the rightful owner. So you enter the restaurant and return the envelope. This is a character defining moment.

    -Christ said, you will know them by their fruits. Your behavior when you’re alone with no one watching will tell you all about the extent or lack of your character.

  • Character Defining Moment

  • A character defining moment can include some sort of change, a decision between right and wrong, a decision in general, an accomplishment, etc. To put it short, it is something that not only shows who you are to other people, but to yourself, as well. In a way, it can be an epiphany or a “light-bulb” moment. Just something that shows you who you are. It’s not just big events either; even the smallest of things hold the potential.

    Examples can be found in the link I provided. However, I will list one of them (which I have had a similar experience to):

    In second grade, I had a buffalo-head nickel and a comic book that said it was worth a lot more than a nickel. We also had a jar on the window ledge in our classroom at school that was for donations. I had to choose. Do I keep the nickel for myself or put it in the jar to help others?

    That doesn’t seem like a monumental choice, does it? A little thing for a little girl. But it was a life-defining moment. I could put my wants/needs first or try to help others. I knew it. Something inside me told me this was a big decision. I chose the jar. And it became a theme in my life. Oh, I didn’t define it as one then. But it did influence my focus and future decisions until as an adult it became a conscious way of life.

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    what does character defining moment mean? Examples?

  • Basically, it means that you are able to define your character at a certain moment. For example: When a moment in your life presents itself and at that moment you are able to define yourself.

  • It means that when you have a perfect opportunity to steal that bauble that has been tickling your eye for years, and you can absolutely never be caught, and the store is insured…

    What do you do!

    Every moment of our life is a “character defining moment”!

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    Words are words that flow in the wind and actions are real 1)words mean nothing 2)actions means everything 3)thoughts are meaningless 4)when you act out your words,thoughts then you define yourself who you are

  • Example from my childhood:

    I had a crush on another girl who seemed to epitomise all I wanted to be;

    she was extroverted (I was shy), tall, (I was younger and smaller)

    and I forget the rest but

    The one thing I could copy was that she chewed her fingernails

    My class-teacher noticed when I handed over a drawing

    and proceeded with a mini-lecture , gdentle yet firm and without

    referring to me, upon

    doing things which were bad for us because people we admired did them,

    and how this was not a way to be ourselves.

    I remember this,even 61 years later, with gratitude…….

    A…a true, important lesson and a wisdom I which needed, badly.

  • We have thoughts and thoughts are things.. We have to be careful of our thoughts cause thoughts are the foundation of starting something. Wrong thoughts get us into wrong places and wrong results. Unfortunately those that are too negative often are more vocal and not realize it. There are also the deliberate negatives with the get in before he gets us attitude! Multitude or a single wrong thought can get you in the wrong place or viewed wrongly. You don’t even have to do anything there are mind readers that may read your mind and blab something they have no right to blab. We have to be careful what we think. We have to be careful what we give out. It’s all to do with polarities

  • Well being able to do the right attitude consistently. Not following the crowd. Addressing issue in a very simple way. making impact in the lives of People around you especially those that cannot pay you back immediately.The Fear of God is the beginning of

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