What does CHO mean in science?

Ok, so I know my question might be too simple, but what does CHO mean?

Like CO2 mean carbon dioxide, H2O means water, O2 means oxygen…

Does it have something to do with iron?


4 Answers

  • -CHO is an aldehyde group.

    eg. CH3CHO is acetaldehyde.

  • Cho Chemistry

  • Well…C is carbon, H is hydrogen and O is oxygen.

    In my home ec class we use the abbreviation CHO to mean carbohydrate, as it is made up of carbon, hydron and oxygen. However, other nutrients have the same chemical make up so I COULD be wrong but I’m pretty certain what I’ve said is right =)

  • CHO is carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It can mean “carbohydrate.”

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