What does “Chucho” mean in Spanish?

I saw on a website that it is a nickname for the Spanish name Jesus. I was just curious as to what the reasoning was behind the nick name. Can anyone give me some input?

3 Answers

  • Well it’s just a nickname,like…

    Britney: Brit

    Michael: Mike

    there’s no special reason.

  • Chucho Meaning

  • No No No, Look… Chucho have differents meanings, chucho means: you can refer a person as a chucho, and this means is a bad person, or he behaves badly. Sometimes people call to their dogs chucho, but chucho does not mean dog. Coche: coche is car, but some people depending of the area, say coche o carro. In spain they say coche. In Mexico south they say coche, but in Mexico north we say carro. Is the same, coche o carro = car ok??

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